where to start wedding reception decorating ideas

So maybe you have been dreaming of your wedding since you were four, and you have all the details planned out, but when you priced long stemmed red roses it turned out that centerpieces with 100 roses each were a bit beyond your budget. Or you never really thought you would get married, so the whole idea of creating a wedding reception is totally overwhelming.

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where to start wedding reception decorating ideas

where to start wedding reception decorating ideas

The first thing to remember is that your wedding reception is just a big party to celebrate the start of your marriage, so while you are ensuring that your guests have fun, it is okay for you to have fun both at the reception and while you are planning it.

Talking about planning, what are you going to do about the decor? It really helps if you have one or two central ideas or a theme for your wedding overall. This will help you to make decisions when you are faced with the many options for your wedding.

Where does this theme come from? It is up to you really, but here are some ideas to help you when you are looking for the theme for your wedding, and particularly for decorating your wedding reception. Your wedding colors are a natural place to start. What colors have you chosen for your wedding party and your flowers? These colors can be used in your decorations, and may even suggest a theme for your reception – for example if your bridesmaids are in pale purple you could explore using dried lavender in your decorations somehow (watch out that the smell is not overwhelming for the guests though!) Choose a feature from your wedding dress – lace, pleating, beading, bling – all can be translated to decorations on reception tables, name cards, wedding programs and your wedding cake.

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Your reception venue might provide inspiration for your decorations – period buildings often have strong design features which can translate to your printed and table designs, and you probably won’t want to choose decorations which clash with your venue. On that note, venue coordinators may be able to help you out with ideas as they will have seen plenty of other wedding decorations, and will know what looks good in their venue. Or if you are starting with the theme for your wedding choose your venue to match – a strong theme will help you look for and choose a venue.

A themed wedding can be as simple as carrying the colors through from your bridal party to allowing the theme to dominate every decision you make. Have a look at what you could do with these theme ideas:
Choose a country which has a special association for you and your partner
Do you or your partner have a particular hobby or love that you could bring to your wedding?
Is there a book or movie that inspires you?
Is there a period of history that could give you the romance and look you want?
Don’t forget the season of the year, or any holidays close to your wedding date.

These are just some ideas about themes for your wedding and wedding reception decorating. Once you have decided on a theme start looking at what you could do with it – you’ll be surprised at what you think of.