Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

When you are looking for wedding reception decoration ideas, you will have a lot of questions as to the right and wrong ways to decorate. The keys to planning a reception that is decorated beautifully are in making sure the décor matches you wedding’s theme and style, fits into your budget, and fits well in the space you have chosen. After you have reviewed the answers below, you will have a much better idea of how to plan the decorations for your reception.
Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Plan the Theme and Style?
The first choice in planning your decorations is to ask yourself if you want a more formal, traditional wedding or something more casual. You may even choose to do something unique that captures your individual personality.

Casual wedding receptions will usually have decorations that are less extravagant and expensive than you would expect in a formal reception. That does not necessarily mean they need to be cheap and tacky, but simply that they will be understated. The floral arrangements will not be as large and elaborate, and overall there will be a more casual feel to the decorations.

How Do My Decorations Fit Into an Overall Wedding Budget?
Your reception should cost about 50% of your total wedding budget and the decorations will probably be about 5% – 10% of the total. Knowing that, you will want to plan accordingly and make sure you have a solid idea of what you can spend before you begin planning out items that you will have to cut later.

The biggest pieces of your decoration budget will be flowers and plants, so this is where you may be able to save the most money by getting creative. Consider buying your flowers wholesale and then hiring someone to arrange them for you instead of buying ready made arrangement packages.

How Do I Make Sure My Decorations Will Fit in the Space?
When you first select your wedding reception area, make sure take photographs of the space and measure the dimensions. This will really help you later when you are planning out the decorations and figuring out where to place the tables and food service stations. Also, be sure to ask up front whether there are any restrictions on the type of decoration you will be allowed, as some venues will limit what you are allowed to do to alter the space.

As you can see, wedding reception decoration ideas do not have to be hard to plan. If you sit down at the beginning and decide what type of style and theme your reception will have, how your decorations will fit into an overall budget, and how they will be arranged throughout your reception space; you will find that the reception almost begins to plan itself. Now that you have read these great tips, you should be completely ready to tackle planning a great wedding reception your guests will enjoy.