Wedding Reception Decor Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Weddings

If you are looking for wedding reception decor ideas for your theme wedding, then this article will help you by answering some common questions. There are a variety of wedding reception theme ideas available for those of you who want to depart from the traditional white wedding. Below are some answers related to planning a country wedding, a nautical wedding, a Victorian masquerade ball, and other creative ideas limited only by your imagination. Read on for some great tips.
Wedding Reception Decor Ideas Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Weddings
What is Typical For A Country Wedding?
When you plan a country wedding, your decor should be appropriate to the specific theme. A country wedding does not necessarily mean cowboys and trail dust, although it might. Consider motifs and decorations such as hay bales, horseshoes, and bandannas for your reception theme, maybe even some cowboy hats hanging on the walls.

How Do I Plan a Water Theme?
Nautical weddings can have a variety of specific themes associated with them. If you live near the coast, you might want to host an outdoor reception right on the beach. Decor for this style would include tiki torches, beach balls, and colorful umbrellas. Perhaps your theme is more fishing related? Hang fishing nets and other accessories related to the sport on the walls, as well as bamboo fishing poles. Get creative with your table decorations too, maybe a gold fish bowl on each table with live gold fish swimming merrily around inside.

How Can I Host a Costume Themed Wedding?
There are a lot of creative ideas for costume themed weddings, such as a Victorian masquerade ball. Have your guests participate by showing up in period dress that they can rent from a costume shop. The decorations should include items from the period being represented, such as hand held masks.

What Other Decor Can I Use for Theme Wedding Receptions?
The sky is really the limit and only depends on your creativity. Remember, even though a themed wedding reception is less formal than a traditional style reception, you will still want tasteful decorations. Avoid plastic party favors and tacky decorations whenever possible.

Is it Tacky to Have A Holiday Themed Wedding?
Not at all, in fact many new couples are choosing to start their new lives together around the holidays. When you plan your wedding around a holiday you will have a rich tradition of symbols and colors to borrow from when arranging the decor.

As you can see, once you have determined that you want to throw a more casual theme style wedding reception, there are a lot of questions to answer in starting to plan. Wedding reception decor ideas for themed receptions can really be as expensive or extravagant as you like, it all depends on your individual tastes and budget. Now that you have read this article you should be more able to plan the decor and details for your special day.