wedding reception centerpiece ideas with candles

Choosing the right decorations for your wedding reception or the wedding reception that you are planning, makes a big difference in the impression of the participants and guest. You want your guests to walk away thinking that it was one of the most beautiful receptions that they have ever attended.

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Many people decide to go with the traditional candles and flowers while others opt for wedding receptions decorations that step outside of the box that we like to call the normal. These days brides as always, want to remember there special event for a long time to come, but also in their mind is, to create an impression on their guests also.

wedding reception centerpiece ideas with candles

wedding reception centerpiece ideas with candles

In the past wedding planners have visited a local party or wedding supply establishment, but in the Internet age there are many places to find beautiful and unusual reception decorations. Start by identifying what kind of mood that you are wanting to create, is it traditional, or is it going to be with a theme in mind. Once the direction that you are going for is determined, then you can move forward on picking out the items.

Lets start with the traditional form of wedding receptions decorations with candles and flowers.

Whether you are on a budget or have a lot of resources to work with, flowers are always a nice addition to any formal gathering. You can go extravagant by ordering large bouquets from your local florist and having all of the work done for you. You can also chose to be creative and crafty and put together floral arrangements from your own flower garden to add a unique touch.

Candles are another traditional form of wedding reception decorations, and add a intimate and more romantic feeling to the reception, lighting can turn an ordinary room into a romantic setting. If your reception will be held after dark, make an advance visit to see how the rooms are normally lit for a party. Then you can decide what you need to do to create the atmosphere you want. Candles can be found almost anywhere and at cheap prices. Group some votive candles together and wrap them in lace for elegant table decorations.

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Some people choose to go with the unusual or the thinking outside of the box path in deciding what kind of wedding reception decorations to choose. This avenue is open to anything the imagination can come up with, and also is becoming the norm, parting with the traditional.

One memorable stunt that is being done more an more often is staging butterfly releases. Right as the bide and groom give the wedding kiss or say the “I do’s” a beautiful assortment of butterflies are released to create moments that will be remembered as your dreams take flight.

Another way to create a creative memorable reception especially if your event is being held at night is with well placed colored lights. You can even look into adding lasers, which are as easy as locating your local DJ’s and inquiring about their services just for lighting purposes.

Ice sculptures are always a big hit and give the reception a special ambience that demands attention. Food pyramids with cylindrical vases with fruits and vegetables reflecting the colors of your event. Oranges lemons and limes have been done in the past, or a more contemporary look using mangoes or coconuts.

Goldfish or Betta fish in clear vases are also a unique decoration idea to set your event apart from the rest, at the end of the event, the children in attendance can take them home. There are many things that can be done to give your wedding reception decorations a look that is unique, and create memories that will last forever, not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests also.