wedding reception centerpiece ideas on a budget

Choosing wedding reception decor is almost always a balance between time and budget. Knowing what you will have time to create, how much time you will have to decorate the site and how much you will be able to spend are all critical in the planning process. Stores, magazines and wedding shows are all full of ideas and creative options for wedding reception decor. However, the key to making any reception unique is to take these generic items and transform them in to something special.

wedding reception centerpiece ideas on a budget

wedding reception centerpiece ideas on a budget

Old Ideas with New Twists
Craft stores often have an aisle meant for brides. This handy selection of reception decor can be great in a time crunch, but are otherwise un-inventive which is likely not the goal you have for your special day. There may be a few things you want to grab out of the bridal aisle, but for the most part, hunting around the rest of the store will find you what you need- but only better.

Taking plain ideas and making them unique can start with thinking about what you can add. White twinkling lights are beautiful accents to an otherwise boring venue, but taking it a step further than hanging strands of lights on the wall will be what makes your idea stand out in the minds of guests. Wrapping the lights in colored tulle or selecting interesting colored lights that match your color pallet can be incredibly simple yet stunning decorations. Lights come in a wide variety of colors including magenta, bright blues and purples.

One wedding reception decor idea that maximizes value is to use various potted blooms throughout your reception venue. You can wrap the containers in coordinating fabrics and distribute your flowers to guests following the ceremony. Similarly, if you need a larger item to cover an eye sore, you can often find artificial plants at event rental stores that you can use. Adding light strands to the artificial plants may enhance their appearance.

You can often use your table favors to double as decorative items. Wrapping your table favors in colored tissue paper or tulle and tying them with simple crafting ribbon will have a beautiful effect on your tables. The centerpieces should also be a coordinating decor item, continuing to carry out your theme and color palette.

What to Watch For
Your venue choice may limit your decor ideas so be sure to check ahead of time. Many sites may not permit anything that adheres to the wall or lit candles. Additionally, if you are holding an outdoor event, your decor items should be prepared for the weather including wind and heat. You also don’t want your wedding reception decor to look like a pre-school craft project. Look for help among your friends and family. A few extra hands could be useful if you have selected something that will take a great deal of time.

If you are choosing to create your own wedding reception decor items, be sure to allow enough time to assemble them, place them at your reception and remove them. Waiting until the last minute will only leave a bride stressed more than necessary. If you think outside of what is in the package in the bridal aisle, you are more likely to create something special and meaningful that you and your guests will remember.