Unique Wedding Ideas That Say Something About You

They say everything under the sun has already been done, but that does not mean you cannot come up with some unique wedding ideas. In an absolute worst case scenario you can just watch a few episodes of any of the “plan-my-wedding” type shows popping up on cable stations everywhere and downright “steal”‘an idea. Isn’t that kind of the point of the TV show anyway? “Hey, look what we did. You can do this, too! (Just remember we did it first.)”
Unique Wedding Ideas That Say Something About You
Generally people start of with a theme of some sort. Try to pick something that both people are happy with. He may not be that into a pink and bubbly Barbie-style do. And though a monster truck race around the mud-pit “reception hall” will be memorable, they might not be the kind of memories she was thinking she would be making on her wedding day. The internet is a wonderful resource. Try some prom and event websites to get some ideas flowing.

Nowadays, invitations can be professionally created or printed right on your own computer. But why not try something a little bit different. My favorite wedding invitation came in a large brown inter-office type envelope. Inside was a homemade coloring book and a box of crayons. The book was a personal adaptation of the children’s book “Let’s Marry, Said the Cherry” by N. M. Bodecker, where the bride and groom and their friends and family had become the characters in the book. (In this case, various fruits and vegetables that were turned into caricature of the guests.)

If your having trouble coming up with wedding favor ideas, pause and take a creative breath. Though this is a wedding your planning for yourself, think of it from the perspective of the guest. What would you appreciate receiving? Another sachet of pastel-colored Jordan almonds? Try something personal and, if not functional, than at least whimsical. You guest will leave with a fun and interesting keepsake to remind them of the special day you shared with them.

Music is a fun way to share wedding memories with your guest. There are always some special songs that you specifically want played at the reception. Why not give each guest a “Wedding Mix” CD printed with a picture of you and your betrothed on the label? Or, how about having an hour or two of karaoke where at the end of each song the performer is presented with a copy of their spectacular (read: drunken) rendition of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

There are a million options and opportunities for creative uniqueness when thinking about the wedding cake. Here you can return again to the TV for some assistance. Cake shows are high on the reality TV listings and you will definitely get some great ideas. Cupcakes, layer cakes, bridges, platforms, volcanoes, airplanes, extravagant Seussian towers – you name it, they have made it!

Every wedding is already unique because of the two people getting married. Two different sets of families and friends are coming together to create a special single community – at least for a day. But, you hold the key to what memories your guest will take home with them. So, what would you like them to be?

Whether an invitation, a souvenir, or the cake, adding a touch of the fun and personal will give any unique wedding ideas just the touch your looking for.