Tips for Your Wedding Reception Decoration

They say that looking into the details is the secret to having a successful wedding event. Part of these important details is your wedding reception decoration. Having great wedding reception decoration can add to the great memories that you have on your big day and can help guests have a wonderful time. Let’s take a look at some basic tips for your wedding reception decoration.
Tips for Your Wedding Reception Decoration
Don’t forget the basics.
We almost do not need to mention this but then some people just forget the basics. Never forget that your wedding reception decoration should be in line with your major theme. Your wedding reception decoration therefore should essentially have the same flavor and look as your wedding ceremony site decoration and should be in line with your color theme.

Set your point of view.
A lot of couples base their wedding preparations on the point of view of budget. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on your wedding reception decoration then you naturally have to go for simple decorations. If money is not an issue then be ready to have complicated and expensive designs that will reflect your taste and sense of style. Aside from the budget, you also need to consider the size and location of the venue.

Limit the colors.
Some couples simply cannot decide on one color theme and set out for wedding reception decoration with contrasting colors. At the most, you can have two colors. The best wedding reception decoration color however should be a single color in different shades. This will give your reception area a classy, dignified and unified look.

Ask for different opinions.
Your wedding reception decoration idea may seem fabulous to you but do consider asking others to help. Other people may either have better ideas or they may be able to tell if your idea will not fit your theme or goes against good taste.

Visit the venue.
Ask your reception venue for tips, advice and guidelines. Your wedding reception decoration should be according to the limits set by your reception site. You should also inform the reception site management ahead of time what you plan to do. They may also offer you help or they may include the decorations in their package deal.

Be on the safe side.
If you want to be on the safe side then you can go for decorations that are all time favorites. You can have candles for example for an outdoor evening reception or for a classic ballroom reception. You can also have wedding reception decoration that will fit the season such as white cloth, tulle and silk for the winter season and fresh plants and flowers for the spring season. Neither of the two ideas will work well if the seasons were switched.

Be creative.
You can be more creative with your wedding reception decoration either for added style or to cut costs. You may have multi purpose place cards for example that will work as a place card, decoration and giveaway. You can also experiment with orchids in water vials tucked into guest napkins. If you want to remember everyone on your special day you can have centerpieces that will double as paper and pen holders so that every guest can leave you a special note.