Tips for Honeymoon Planning Bliss

Let’s be honest here, planning a wedding is stressful enough, so adding a honeymoon on top of that can be just plain overwhelming. We have compiled a basic list of some guidelines for you to follow in your honeymoon planning endeavors. Hopefully, these little tips will help both of you to enjoy the first days of marital bliss!
Tips for Honeymoon Planning Bliss

Tips for Destination Honeymoon Planning Bliss

Share your ideas of a dream vacation with your fiancé: Your honeymoon is an occasion that has the possibility to resemble your fantasies… so aim high! If you share all the little details together, you may find that you have many of the same ideas for your honeymoon and if not, you can find which elements each person can compromise to find a happy medium.

Make a budget: Before dreaming about renting a villa in Tuscany or a Caribbean cruise for your honeymoon, you must decide on a budget together and what dreams are feasible. You many find that a lot of your fantasies may be fulfilled depending on the location. But, before that, you must know how much you have to work with.

Choose a destination: Once you have your dream checklist and budget, you are ready to compare honeymoon destinations to see which one fulfills the most on your list, while remaining within your budget; it may be a neighboring town or Antarctica. Wherever it is, just remember to research the honeymoon destinations according to the best time of year. If you are thinking of the Mediterranean but you honeymoon in February, you may be disappointed.

Discuss your activities or lack thereof: Make sure that you and your new spouse agree on what will actually happen once you arrive. If one of you plans on only reading books on the beach, while the other would like to trek around town during your honeymoon, you will have some issues. It is better to go over that while planning, to avoid any clashes. Remember, marriage is all about compromise!

Book tickets & accommodation: Now that you have picked your honeymoon destination, and agreed upon the style of your honeymoon- you can now commit to buying your tickets and booking your accommodation. You can compare both online to find the best deals around or to make things simple, hire a travel agent. Make sure that you or the agent mentions that the booking is for a honeymoon -you never know what perks they may offer!

Get all your travel documents in order: Make sure your passport is valid for the time of your honeymoon, check the destination’s policies for necessary visas or travel documents. It is better to sort out these details early to avoid last minute stress.

Plan your suitcases accordingly: Now that your destination, bookings and travel arrangements are settled, the only thing left to do is pack! Make sure you research the weather and activities you will be faced with in order to pack accordingly for your honeymoon. You may want to look up a checklist online for that specific place. Also, keep the cultures in mind. When in Rome…

Relax: All that is left to do now is look forward to your honeymoon!

If you need more tips on choosing your honeymoon destinations, activities or booking rooms, you can find more on our website. Just click around and if you still can’t find what you are looking for