Three Unique Wedding Ideas to Get You Started

Hey, it is your wedding day so make it memorable for you, your future spouse and your guests. Can’t come up with something never-seen-before? Bear with me and I will share with you three unique wedding ideas to get you started. Ready? Let’ get started!

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three unique wedding ideas to get you started

three unique wedding ideas to get you started

The best Three Unique Wedding Ideas 2019

1. Lottery tickets – that’s right – give your guess lottery tickets. They are cheap – maybe a dollar each, but they will definitely not go unnoticed. If you decide to embrace this idea don’t forget to have a note in the program stating something like – these lottery tickets were chosen because we are so lucky to have our family and friends with us on our wedding day. Now it is up to you to also note that all winnings must be split with the future family. This is a powerful idea. If you don’t believe me just share it with a friend or a family member and watch for their reaction

2. The second idea is about the guestbook. We all know these old and tired guest books that no one look at once the wedding is over. However you can breathe a new life in it. What if for example you have a dedicated person to take Polaroids of each guest, put it on the pages of your guest book and ask them to sign on the bottom of their picture. I bet it would be something you would be proud to show your friends years down the road.

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3. But what if you want to show your uniqueness on a big scale? If this is the case you might want to think about a themed wedding. Let say that you and your future spouse met at a rock performance. Why don’t you make a rock and roll theme wedding than? You can decorate the hall with records with your names and picture of two of you on them. Also sprinkle the wedding theme colors around – on the table clothes, the roses, you name it and of course – the wedding invitations.

Yes, it is really that easy to have a unique wedding. Just sit down with your fiancé, reference to this article and start noting ideas down as they come. I am sure that you can come up with even more creative never-seen-before unique wedding ideas.