Quick Tips for Elegant Wedding Reception Decorations

The wedding reception may not be as significant as your wedding ceremony, but it will probably last much longer and be equally as memorable. This means that you’ll want to put as much work into your wedding reception decorations as you did into your wedding ceremony decorations. You can break the work up into a few smaller sections to ease the load and stress as you prepare for your wedding ceremony and reception.
Quick Tips for Elegant Wedding Reception Decorations
Venue Tables
The most intense part of selecting wedding reception decorations will be the tables. Other than when dancing and milling around to socialize, your guests will spend the majority of the wedding reception seated. You should select a theme for the tables, and match the settings and place cards accordingly. In addition, your table should be set with centerpieces that will catch the attention of your guests without distracting them too much. Flowers, a picture of you and the groom, or some other significant centerpiece theme are all great ideas that are hard to go wrong with.

Coordinate your wedding reception decorations with your wedding ceremony decorations by using the same flower schemes for the two. Tip; save money by having someone in charge of moving flowers used for the wedding over to where the reception is, this way you get two uses for the price of one. Roses, lilies, orchids, or tulips are all classic, romantic flowers that will be great to work with. Use them as centerpieces, hanging attractions, or just decorations lining the windows and walls. Be sure that the flowers are healthy and not likely to shed if you’re placing them on the tables.

The wedding cake is one of the most prominent wedding reception decorations. The cake will be displayed throughout the early part of the reception and meal, and then being a central part of the later activities. Your cake should represent something about you, your fiancé, and your relationship. Like sailing? Perhaps have your cake done up in a nautical theme. If you and your fiancé share another passion, or perhaps a profession or alma mater, have something in your cake tie into that. This will make the cake one of the most memorable parts of your wedding reception.

If you have a daytime wedding and reception, you should have your wedding reception decorations lit by bright lights, or natural light. Make sure that flattering indoor lights or natural light is able to flow into the venue. On the other hand, if your reception is in the evening, dim the overhead lights and use candles for a soft romantic appeal. Dim lights and candles are also the most flattering to both people and the décor.