questions to ask wedding venue printable

Many people have questions related to wedding reception decorating ideas. If this is you, then you will want to take a look at the answers to frequently asked questions below. This article will discuss tips on how to decorate various areas of your wedding reception, and where you can focus your efforts to get the most value for your money. After reading the answers below, you should have some great ideas about planning the decorations for your reception.

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questions to ask wedding venue printable

questions to ask wedding venue printable

How Should the Entrance Be Decorated?
The entrance to your reception is the first thing your guests will see and you want to set the overall tone and theme for the reception here. Place an easily visible guest book on a table at the entrance and some nicely arranged flowers. You might also consider a nice framed photo of the bride and groom, either on the guest book table or on an easel. For outdoor wedding receptions without an actual physical entrance, you can place things like torches or pillars to establish a visual entrance to the space.

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How Do I Decorate the Gift Table?
The gifts themselves will often be colorful and bring a certain amount of decoration to the table. You should feel free to include small symbols of your wedding’s theme (if you have one) or small tasteful flower arrangements. Also be sure to provide a nicely decorated box or bag for your guests to place their monetary gifts.

How Should the Walls Be Decorated?
You don’t need to go overboard and make the decorations gaudy, but certainly the walls should include decorations that relate to your wedding theme, ethnic heritage, or traditional wedding motifs. If you are hosting a themed wedding reception, such as a Victorian era costume ball, then tapestries and masks from that period would be appropriate.

How Can I Decorate the Chairs?
Chairs will often be rented, and the vendor may supply some fabric chair covers for you. Obviously you do not want your guests sitting on bare metal folding chairs, so a cover of some kind is a minimum requirement. You might also consider decorating the backs of each chair with a tasteful ribbon, or perhaps a helium balloon filled with confetti that your guests can take home with them.

What Are Some Common Decorations For the Buffet Table?
Start with a nice tablecloth that reaches to the floor, which will give it a more solid and finished look. Candles add a nice touch if there is space, but for a table that will be crowded with food platters you should not risk crowding the space with candles that can be knocked over. And of course, flowers are a very common buffet table decoration.

As you see, there are a number of considerations when planning your wedding reception decorating ideas. You will want to plan out the specifics for each physical area of the reception itself, and tie together everything with a common theme. Now you are ready to start planning your reception.