Choosing Your Wedding Reception Decor

Wedding reception decor can be a fun experience that should demonstrate the taste and personalities of the bride and groom. The area will usually be decorated in the wedding’s colors or theme and will extend to all areas of the reception hall including the guest tables, walls, aisles or walkways, cake and wedding favors.
Choosing Your Wedding Reception Decor
Guest Tables
Reception tables can be decorated using linens, colored or white, that go along with the wedding’s theme. Placing centerpieces on each guest table can help bring the whole area together and could make a nice conversation piece for the guests. There are many options when it comes to centerpieces as far as what can be used. Couples may choose real flowers in vases with water or artificial flowers in vases with water or rocks. If the reception hall allows it, couples could also choose to have small cakes placed on each table. To complete the look and create a nice ambiance, consider adding a few small candles.

Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are commonly used as a small gesture by the couple to thank their guests for being a part of their special day. Many couples opt for inexpensive favors such as edible candies or treats. This ensures that the favor will be used as well. Some also choose to spend a bit more and choose things like small picture frames or personalized gifts.

Gift/Guest Book Area
It’s common for couples to have an area in or near the reception hall for the guestbook or guest cards, and a place to set gifts for the bride and groom. One piece of decor that could be both helpful and serve as part of the decor is a sign telling guests that there is a guestbook for them to sign. The guestbook area could be decorated in colored table linens that tie in with the wedding theme along with flowers, confetti and/or balloons.

Wedding Cake
The actual cake can definitely be made a part of the reception decor and can easily be decorated to the likes of the couple. Couples should speak with their baker or wedding cake provider to come up with the perfect design for them. To decorate the cake table area, flower petals could be placed sporadically around the cake along with candles or white lights. A cake topper, whether it be humorous or romantic, can also help to add a nice touch.

The way a reception is decorated is completely up to the bride and groom. It’s a great way for them to be able to get creative and show their personality through their wedding reception decor.