Check Out Unique Wedding Ideas Helping You Organize a Fun, Unconventional Event

Organizing a fabulous wedding on a budget is never easy, especially if you are an enthusiastic, young soon-to-be bride who can’t afford the services of an experienced wedding planner. However, there is still hope for couples hoping to discover personalized wedding ideas tailored to their personal preferences, needs and financial possibilities.
Check Out Unique Wedding Ideas Helping You Organize a Fun Unconventional Event
Wear a marvelous second wedding dress or a “transformer” wedding gown
Most brides seem eager to walk down the aisle in that long, puffy, all-white wedding dress that they’ve always fantasized about without realizing that an ample bridal gown is actually difficult to wear. Make things a whole lot easier for yourself and surprise all of your wedding guests with a second dress, one that you should wear after making your grand entrance. This time choose a mini-model made from delicate silk or lace, ditch the flat shoes that you’ve been cleverly hiding under your long wedding gown and start rocking a pair of high-heeled designer shoes to shine during the big day. You can also opt for a sleek “transformer” wedding gown for a similar effect. A transformer gown is a white mini dress with a practical detachable train.

Opt for supersized desserts
To be completely honest, who doesn’t love desserts? Believe it or not, plain floral arrangements are so yesterday. Some of the most popular 2013 wedding trends reflect the fact that supersized deserts are the most fashionable decorative elements one could ever hope to find! Tasty arrangements based on fruits will make your entire wedding venue seem friendlier and much more appealing at the same time. Plus these edible arrangements will also keep all your guests busy and entertained during the entire event.

Create a unique wedding theme celebrating your first date
Do you remember your first date? Was it memorable, hilarious or truly inspiring? Wouldn’t you love to feel butterflies in your stomach over and over again? In this case, you can easily organize a fun, unconventional event by creating a personalized wedding theme based on your first date. Let’s assume that you’ve met your soul mate during a baseball game. In this case, you could replace conventional bridesmaids’ dresses with colorful cheerleader costumes and offer your guests hotdogs, popcorn and peanuts instead of serving a fancy wedding menu. You can always come up with new original ideas based on your unique, romantic love story.

Why would you choose to organize a conventional wedding ceremony and reception, when you can always exploit your creativity and turn some of your most beautiful memories into elaborate unique wedding ideas? Abandon your worries and preconceived ideas and plan an event reflecting your unique personality, background, tastes, limits and expectations.