Beautiful Wedding Fashion Ideas for this years

Retro glam is the big hit for this years Brides are trying to capture the sophistication of the 1950’s to the romance of the 1920’s in their bridal fashion for this years. Whether it be the 30’s or the 60’s, brides are using every era this year to create glamorous, romantic, and retro weddings.
Beautiful Wedding Fashion Ideas for this years
Old Romance Anew Wedding Dresses
Brides want to stand out, make a statement, while keeping timeless elements that are sure to make them beautiful bombshells, like brides of yesteryear’s. They are recreating classic & romantic wedding dresses, with a modern twist.

Flowing fabrics, flowers, lace, jewels, bows and feathers are all being seen on brides in this years. We are seeing capped shoulders of the 1950’s on dresses, as well as off-the-shoulder looks to accentuate the vintage jewelry and feminine neckline.

Overlaying of lace, tulle, and chiffon are also very popular elements to enhance the silhouette of the bride.

Classic Look from Head to Toe
For the hair and makeup, styles reminiscent of Grace Kelly or other beauties of another era are being used. French twists, bouffants, beehives, and the elegant bird- cage veils are all being seen in this years.

To compliment the look, brides are using matte makeup, black eyeliner and classic red lipstick.

Vintage Flair
Crystal brooches, pearls, rhinestones and crystals are all timeless jewelry accents that are making a comeback for this years. Shawls, wraps of faux-fur, and organza are all types of romantic layers brides are using to dress up their arms.

Ladies, go digging in grandma’s attic, you may just find your dream accessories!

Bridesmaid Dresses That The Bridesmaids Actually Like
Don’t make your bridesmaids close to tears on your wedding day for all the wrong reasons! Now personalization and individualism are even flowing into the attire for the bride’s sidekicks.

A popular trend for this years is choosing your bridesmaid’s colors, but allowing the bridesmaid to choose the style and cut. Uniformity without conformity is a very modern concept. Of course, it must be understood how formal or informal to buy.

Black Is Not Just For Funerals Anymore
Black and white used for the bridal party is increasingly popular for weddings in this years. From elegant ball gowns to high-waist tulle dresses, black is being used left and right.

Color Me Beautiful
Along with the use of black in weddings, on the flip side, colors are showing up more and more. Brides are turning to pastels and even reds for their dresses instead of the traditional white. Color is a big statement in this years, and brides are not afraid to use it.

Creating Your Own Designer Dress
Many inspirations of brides are taken from the stars, but most brides don’t have those budgets to buy Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo, Oscar de la Renta or Armani wedding dresses.

In this years, many brides are opting to recreate similar dresses to these sophisticated designers with their own tailors and their own touch.