A List of Unique Wedding Ideas on How to Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

If you want to arrange a celebration that your guests will always remember, you can use some unconventional wedding ideas. Indeed, putting some creativity into your big day can create a very magical experience. For some ideas and inspiration, read these tips.
A List of Unique Wedding Ideas on How to Make Your Special Day Unforgettable
You can make your wedding memorable by making it as unique as possible. Instead of going with popular themes and trends, you can be creative with your wedding ideas. In order to do this, you must consider the overall theme AND pay attention to all the little details. Some of these unique ideas can even be accomplished on a budget.

For the overall theme, have a picnic or lighthouse wedding. You could also go with both, depending on the location of the lighthouse. Have the ceremony inside and the reception outside at picnic tables.

Release live doves or butterflies around you as you step outside of the lighthouse or church (if you have a traditional church wedding). These types of wedding ideas are excellent for a fairy tale themed wedding!

If you have an outdoor wedding late in the evening, at night, or in the morning, you can have everyone carry lanterns for a beautiful ceremony. Just keep the flowers and ribbons away from the flames.

A good idea for a garden wedding is to have a unique plant as the centerpiece. You can paint the pot and wrap a ribbon around the center. Place one, decorated potted plant in the center of every table.

Base the theme around a certain decade. If you and your significant other met in high school in the 90s, for instance, have a 90s theme wedding. Or, if you’ve always been fascinated by the Roarin’ 20s, throw a Roarin’ 20s theme wedding! Have everyone wear the appropriate clothes for that particular decade and play music that was popular then.

Don’t neglect the kids at the wedding. Incorporate fun games just for them. Give out prizes that they’ll love, such as figurines, candy, coloring books and crayons, etc. Make sure that all kids get a prize, even if they don’t win a game. Don’t let any of them feel left out.

These are just some unconventional wedding ideas that you might find fascinating. The possibilities are unlimited – just use your imagination and create a wedding that nobody will forget!