5 Ways to Capture Your Wedding Planning Ideas

Inspiration and wedding planning ideas don’t always come while you are sitting in front of your computer. They might come when you first get up in the morning, while you are running errands or while you are walking your dog. It is important to capture all of these ideas before they are forgotten and gone forever.

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5 Ways to Capture Your Wedding Planning Ideas

5 Ways to Capture Your Wedding Planning Ideas

Here 5 ways to capture all of your creative wedding planning ideas before they disappear:
1) Write them down
Keep a notebook handy so you can jot down notes when ideas come to you. By keeping all of your ideas in a notebook, as opposed to little scraps of paper, all of your information is saved in one place. Many great ideas come when you are feeling relaxed so be sure you keep a notebook next to your bed. Then you can jot down thoughts that come to you right before you go to sleep or as soon as you wake up.

2) Speak them into your mobile phone
Most smartphones, such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid (which are all trademarked names) and others, have an application or feature that allows you to record a voice note that you can listen to later.

3) Send yourself a text message or email
When you are out where it is not appropriate to speak aloud and you don’t have a piece of paper handy, text or email a message to yourself to read later.

4) Speak into a digital recorder
Carry a digital recorder so you can record your ideas. Find one that you can wear around your neck or clip to your clothing so it is easily accessible at all times. You can also keep one beside your bed to use instead of a notebook and pen.

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5) Use a voice capture service
If you are someone who likes to dictate a lot of ideas but you hate transcribing your voice messages later, there are personal transcription and dictation services you can subscribe to that will help you. With these services, you call a number, dictate your ideas over the phone and, in a short time, receive an email with a transcription of your message along with an audio attachment of the recording. There are monthly charges for these services so don’t invest unless you plan to make good use of them.

Take all of the Wedding Planning Ideas you have collected, transcribe them, if necessary, and keep them in one place, either in a notebook or a file in your computer. Review them at the end of week, more often if you have a lot of notes, and decide how and when you will put your ideas into action.