4 Local Wedding Planning Ideas to Save Money on Your Northwest Wedding

Getting married in Seattle? If you are planning a wedding ceremony and celebration in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, here are four local wedding planning ideas to save money as you plan and create your Northwest wedding ceremony and celebration.
Local Wedding Planning Ideas to Save Money on Your Northwest Wedding
1) Go Native/Go Outdoors: If you are being married in Seattle – especially if you are being married in the gorgeous Northwest Summer months – take your wedding from inside to outside and save serious wedding dollars. While Seattle has many gorgeous and outstanding venues for a wedding ceremony and celebration, by moving your wedding to a local park, private home or even local bed and breakfast, you’ll save considerable dollars by not paying a venue rental fee and associated expenses.

If you do move your wedding to one of Seattle’s gorgeous parks – Carkeek Bark, Richmond Beach Saltwater Park or Kubota Gardens – you will need a permit. Permits are inexpensive and depending on the park and date of your wedding, fairly easy to get. Contact the Seattle Parks Department to get information on the permitting process.

2) Plan a Seattle Weekday Wedding: Seattle brides and grooms are unique in that they are often set the tone for new trends, especially in all things wedding. One of the current Northwest trends? A weekday wedding. Couples are saving serious money by moving their wedding from a weekend to a weekday. Not only do couples often have more venue choices because of weekday availability, but there is frequently a cost savings as venues are thrilled to get weekday bookings/business.

In addition, other vendors pleased to get business on a weekday, may offer preferred pricing or added value to book business they would not ordinarily get.

3) Nix A Rehearsal Dinner and Plan A Rehearsal Lunch: In Seattle, the new trend is a rehearsal lunch. Not only does this give you a free afternoon or evening before your wedding day, but the cost of a lunch is often considerably much less than a dinner. And if you really want to save money, wedding planning ideas a barbecue or picnic in a local park!

4) Smaller Weddings Are “On Trend” In Seattle: For the past couple of years, especially since the Great Recession started, Seattle wedding guest lists have been shrinking. Thrifty couples are opting for a smaller guest list to save money AND the trend is sticking.

Happily, the local wedding community, including vendors of all types, are catering to the smaller wedding with cost-saving packages to attract the small to medium size wedding. So, if you are wedding planning ideas, get picky with your guest list to save money.